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More About Me

Hello my fellow mind molders. My name is Sarah, I am a Math educator of 16+ years and mother of 2 boys. While teaching I try to focus on providing engaging and differentiated lesson activities for all students and their educators. I have experience teaching Mathematics in grade levels 8th-12th, including honors, Dual Credit, and AP courses. As a mother I am the organizer of the household and the boys activities.

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The goal of this blog is to be a place to share ideas and motivate educators and parents. I am hoping to provide a platform to provide content for the classroom  to help educators keep students engaged and content for the home to help with parent sanity!

Being a teacher is an adventure. Being a parent and a teacher is a daring journey that only a few decide to buy tickets for. This is a type of journey that takes a village! We all need to work together. Educators and parents are better together when it comes to molding young minds. Teaching and parenting are really just a habit of borrowing resources or skills and making them your own. What works with one kid doesn't always work with another. The more tricks you can pull out of your pocket, the better outcome for the students! 

I find that my roles are ever changing at my house. At times I am an "Uber" driver, a nurse, a therapist, and at times the house entertainment director. I have more practice at creating meal plans for budgets, juggling calendar schedules, and organizing chore charts than I would like to edmit. Why did no one every tell us that adulting comes with so many tasks. It all looked so shinny and exciting when we were little! I know that my house and family would survive if I wasn't so over the top OCD, but I like to think my efforts reign in the chaos a little. As mothers, we are all just trying our best to raise kind humans and keep the animals alive, right? Shouldn't we also try and focus on making it easy to enjoy life and make fun memories with our kids too?

So grab your calculators and calendars because the adventures of shaping young minds are upon us and let’s make it a FUN & MEMORABLE adventure.

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